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At the moment, the global economic elite are meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos. They are the 1%, the super-rich who preach austerity and economic globalization while their corporations and their policies contribute to the poverty, hunger and war around the world. Donald Trump will be there, too. With his policies he stirs up hatred and violence and creates even more inequality.

72 hours live: we are bringing the protest to the heart of the WEF


We will not yield the floor to Trump. That’s why we have organized the longest live-protest in the history of the WEF. For 72 hours, we will be live streaming our protest in front of the congress centre in Davos, giving people the possibility to protest against Trump and for freedom, equality and solidarity via our virtual ‘speakers’ corner’.



They have the money, we’ve got the people. Support our movement now. Together, we can fight inequality!


The protest is organized and carried out by the Young Socialists of Switzerland.

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